About Me

I am Brian Osoro , but most people prefer calling me Osoro. Why do people hate their second names? Not me. Not because Brian is common , i relate alot with Osoro. Anyway that’s about all the jiber jaber i have for my name. Writing software has been a big part of my life. I really don’t know what i’d be doing if i never knew Java, Php, C#, Kotlin, JavaScript and some bit of C++ (It’s very extensive). Maybe football , i love the sport and am a proud Arsenal FC fan. I stopped using Windows back in 2011 and switched to Linux , it has been a great experience ever since. If they found a way for us not to Eat or Sleep , I would be first in line.

Contact Information

You can always contact me about anything , but i will prefer Programming (Software Development) as other aspects of life seem to elude me.

WhatsApp: +254 713 946 234

Email: info@brianosoro.com